Tangled Hearts Plant: Care Guide And Tips

Tangled Hearts Plant: Care Guide And Tips

The tangled hearts plant is one orchid known for its tranquil beauty and refreshing appearance. It is one of the most common orchids to be grown in hanging pots on the balconies of orchid lovers. If you are looking to buy a tangled heart plant online, pay a quick visit to our online store at Orchid Tree to have the healthiest plants delivered to your doorstep with utmost care.

Tangled Heart Vine: Care Tips You Must Know

To provide the best care to your tangled heart vine plant, you must first learn everything about this plant. Here are some useful tips that can come in handy.

  1. The tangled hearts plant is native to Africa. You must remember that this is a succulent plant that produces small flowers rarely, if ever. Adjust your expectations accordingly and only get this orchid if you appreciate its lush greenery.
  2. Caring for this pretty plant is fairly simple. You can enjoy its refreshing beauty simply by putting it in a hanging pot and letting the vines reach the flow. However, if you notice the edges to be leggy, quickly trim and prune the edges.
  3. These plants have a network of shallow roots, allowing you to grow them in pots or cups of any shape and size.
  4. Do not overwater these plants. Watering them three to four times a week is sufficient, although you can spray or mist them with water for a fresh appearance.
  5. To get the best tangled heart plant price, buy these orchids online. Pick out a reliable vendor like Orchid Tree to ensure that the plants reach you safely after you get tangled heart plant online buy.


Buy tangled heart plant today to uplift the whole atmosphere of your home. Provide these plants with proper care and watch them grow and bloom in time. However, if you are an orchid lover, then can take a look at the collection of Orchid Tree to get some attractive options.

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