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Tangled Hearts Plant

Tangled Hearts Plant

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Conditions: Intermediate to warm

Plant Size: Matured |  Please refer to plant picture for size reference.

Pot Size: 16 cm

Potting Media: Soil Mix

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Tangled Hearts Plant: Get Unbelievable Deals On Premium Orchids and plants At Orchid Tree

If you are into growing orchids at home, you must already be familiar with the rare and exquisite beauty of the tangled heart vine. It is known for its serene beauty and refreshing presence that can light up any living room, balcony, or terrace in an instant. One of the most common plants  grown in hanging pots on balconies, this plant is sure to be a head-turner, taking your home decor up several notches.

Before you buy tangled heart plant if you want to learn about these beautiful plants in detail, read on. Here, we have curated a list of the most important facts about these plants.

Tangled Heart Plants: Get Knowledge from Orchid Tree

To provide the proper care for any plant you must learn everything about it, from its habitat and blooming season to its fertilizer and water requirements. Here is what you need to know before you order your tangled heart plant online.

  1. The tangled hearts vine is a succulent plant. This means that it rarely produces small flowers. However, if your plant does bloom, the flowers would be very beautiful.
  2. This is a very low-maintenance plant. A native to Africa, this plant is used to extreme weather conditions and flourishes even with little care.
  3. You can propagate this plant from cuttings taken from previous plants. Since they can survive in almost any environment, it is very easy to culture them.
  4. The tangled heart vine plant has a network of very thin roots. Therefore, avoid over-watering at all costs. They are prone to root rot.

Benefits Of Ordering From Orchid Tree

If you are looking for tangled heart plant online buy, quickly check out our exquisite stock. We, at Orchid Tree, guarantee the delivery of premium quality orchid plants to your doorstep with proper care. Follow the above-mentioned guide about tangled hearts plants and get different varieties of orchids from Orchid Tree.

To get the best deals on the tangled heart plant price, place your order with us today.  


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