About US


Orchid-tree was founded in December 2012 to spread the love and joy of growing orchids in India. The Intention was to make rare and special varieties of orchids available to the Indian orchid lovers. And consequently, Orchid-tree launched the first orchid exclusive website of India on 14th March 2014 and has been shipping orchids all over India since then.


We are a team of passionate orchidists who believe, customer satisfaction is the only way to be happy and successful in business. It is a great pleasure to see our customers returning back to us for purchase. We get admiration messages from all over the world as we have the most varied collection of orchids.

Orchid-tree grows exquisite orchid plants for every level of the orchid plant market florist, potted plant retailer, orchid collectors. Our goal is to provide the finest Orchids to people who wish to share and enjoy the beauty of nature's most evolved plant species. Our nursery is a producer of premier healthy orchid plants in bloom, or in the process of blooming. This is brought about by careful management of our greenhouse environment.

We are the leading producers of the Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums, Cattleya, Vanda Paphiopedilum [Lady Slippers] and Oncidium alliance orchid plants. We love Orchids and we painstakingly grow the orchids ourselves. These plants are grown in one place, flowered in another, and ultimately shipped. Personal attention and special care are at the heart of our packaging methods. This ensures that the plants you order arrive in prime condition. This provides each recipient with the utmost level of quality.