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Oncidiums are a delight to grow especially for those who have limited space.  They have flowers that come predominantly in the yellow-brown range but of late with a lot of intergenic coming into the market, it is easy to acquire almost any colour you can think of. If grown under ideal conditions, they can bloom several times a year and can also bloom with multiple spikes off a single pseudobulb.

Oncidiums, one of the largest and most diverse family of orchids have long leaves and reach up to a height of 2m. Their blooms are modified and look ruffled, which is why these are called dancing lady orchid plants.

Conditions that would suit Oncidiums:


The dancing lady orchids being broad-leaved are well adapted to obtaining light.  However, some bear thin leaves showing they cannot bear direct sunlight. Hence, it’s better to keep them under shade nets on raised benches away from the ground. 


With flattened pseudobulbs, Oncidiums have the ability to store both food and water. As such, water them once every day in hot and humid climates and less in cold and temperate climates. Tolumnia or Equitant Oncidiums being succulent in nature needs to be watered little.


The dancing lady orchid plants are ideally suited to a day temperature between 24-30 degree Celsius and 13-22 degree Celsius during the night. However, they can withstand up to -10 degree Celsius and 38 degrees Celsius for a short period of time.


These orchids grow well in areas having high humidity. If humidity is low, a humidity tray should be placed beneath the pots or if grown in a greenhouse, a misting setup would be ideal. 

Best Pots

Choose pots with 1-2 inches of free space around the base of the plant. Pots bigger than this would let excess moisture stay back and rot the roots. Tolumnia, because of succulent in nature grows well if mounted. Give your plants sufficient light when using a nitrogen fertilizer to prevent rotting.

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The amazing world of Oncidium Orchids

If you are just starting on the orchid journey or are an orchid enthusiast, the Oncidium Orchids are bound to impress and captivate you. The Oncidium Orchids are commonly referred to as Dancing Lady Orchids. They are available in distinctive and delicate appearance.

These orchids come with mesmerizing blooms and ease of care. That is what makes them a powerful pick. That should perhaps explain why you are looking forward to buy Oncidium orchids online.

Why should you choose to buy Oncidium online?

The Oncidium orchids come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes making them the best pick for any orchid enthusiast. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns that the Oncidium Orchids come in make them a delightful choice either in indoor or outdoor spaces.

Why do we recommend you buy Oncidium Orchid? Well, they suit a small potted look or even a larger specimen that would adorn your garden.

One of the best advantages you stand to gain when you buy Oncidium orchids online is that it offers a huge degree of convenience. With online buying, you can have a good range of orchid varieties. You will also get instructions on proper care of the orchids.

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