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Collection: Paphiopedilum Orchids

Paphiopedilums orchids for online sale

Paphiopedilums are commonly known as Lady's Slipper Orchids because the lip is modified into a pouch-like structure resembling a lady's shoe.  They do not come in vivid fancy colours for which most other orchids are known but those who grow paphiopedilums cherish them for being distinct from all other orchid groups. Explore our collection of Paphiopedilum for sale. Shop great deals on Paphiopedilum orchids from our online orchid-tree store. We always deliver our products on time with the best quality. Visit us now!


Temperature: Paphiopedilums orchids are best grown within a temperature of 24 degrees to 30 degree Celsius during day time and 16 degrees to 18 degree Celsius at night, and can bear temperatures up to 35 and low as 4 degree Celsius.

Light: Being low light the orchids are ideal as indoor plants. They prefer indirect bright sunlight for good growth and bright green leaves and that’s why it’s better to keep them in a cool shade. If the orchid gets too much light, a reddish tinge appears on the leaf edges. 

Humidity: Paphiopedilums thrive in moderate to high humidity within a range of 50–70%. Sometimes, Paphiopedilums orchids need humidity and to increase humidity, a shallow tray of pebbles with the right amount of water can be placed. But be careful that the bottom of the pot does not touch the water, or else the roots will rot.

Watering: A moist soil is required for Paphiopedilums orchids. Water the plant every 2-3 days, but remember, not to keep the roots dry. It would be better to soak the roots for about 20 minutes before draining the water. Do not use cold water or salt-softened water. Use lukewarm water.

Blooming Expectation: Paphiopedilum orchids grow slowly. A leaf is borne every month or two, and some may take up to 2 years to develop maturity. Generally, one flower per spike is noticed, though in some species numerous flowers are seen on a single stem.

You can expect a bloom in the autumn and spring season that lasts approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Potting Medium and Repotting: Finer-grade bark mixes are good for Paphiopedilums. Orchiata can be used since it retains water better than pine bark. Moisture retention and a good drainage system are a must.

Repotting can be done once a year. Sterilize your tools and pots before repotting. Place a small amount of culture medium on the bottom of the sterile plastic. Place the plant in the center of the pot and spread the roots. It’s better to flush the pot with clear water once a month to remove the salt accumulation. Add fertilizer once a month during winter.

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