Know the Maintenance Tips Before You Buy Oncidium Orchids Online

Know the Maintenance Tips Before You Buy Oncidium Orchids Online

Oncidiums are known for their color palate and beautiful structure. Orchids are usually low-maintenance. Some orchids require less care. Oncidium needs a bit more love. If you wish to buy oncidium orchids online it is best to know how to take care of them beforehand.

How to maintain and sustain Oncidium Orchids?

Oncidiums are not as low-maintenance as their other variants. If you want to buy oncidium orchid then, you should know how to maintain this flower beforehand. Following are a few tips for helping you to take care of Oncidium Orchids -

a. Right placement -

It is not advised to keep your Onicidiums in direct sunlight. Thus, you should keep your orchids at the west or the south corners of your house. 

b. The required amount of sunlight -

Sunlight is crucial for any Oncidium Orchid's growth. Too much or less exposure to sunlight is equally harmful. You can keep your plant in direct sunlight during the morning and keep it inside for the rest of the day.

c. Humidity for Oncidium -

Before you buy oncidium online you should know that this Orchid thrives in approximately 70% humidity. Thus, be mindful about where you place your plant to offer the right amount of humidity. 

d. The right amount of water -

The amount of water to sustain your Onicidium depends on the plant's roots and leaves. If your plant's roots and leaves are thick, it will require less water. Further, you should water your plant every 2 to 10 days.


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