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Winter Blooms: Cymbidium Orchids' Seasonal Splendor

Buy Cymbidium Orchids. Beautiful range of Cymbidium orchids that flower in tropical climates. We have hand-picked varieties of Heat tolerant Cymbidium hybrid and species orchids. 

 Cymbidium Orchids Online

Being native to the foothills of the Himalayas, Cymbidium Orchids are acclimatized to cool and warm weather. They are divided into categories, cool growing and heat tolerant cymbidiums based on the temperature they thrive. They bear tall spikes that bloom with 10 to 25 flowers, with 2.5" to 6" width, and last for one to three months. With long slender leaves and beautiful fragrances,  Cymbidium orchids are very popular as indoor plants.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Cymbidium Orchids

As the chilly winter settles, gardens tend to go without leaves and flowers. However, there is a variety of orchids that defy the cold weather and bring a touch of vibrant beauty to your winter landscape.

The Cymbidium orchids provide you access to the best beauty that helps you shine the stars of the season. If you want to get the best experience with the best orchids, we would suggest you buy Cymbidium orchids.

The resilient flowers that cherish

The Cymbidium orchids offer a strong resilience to the harshest climate. Known as boat orchids, it is advisable to buy them online. They are known to be the best winter blogging options.

Here is why we recommend you to buy Cymbidium orchid online –

  • Tolerance to cold – Cymbidium orchids are known to be cold-resilient. It continues to thrive even when other plants stay dormant.
  • Long blooming period –What makes it a good option to buy Cymbidium orchid plants is the extended blooming period that it comes with. The blooming period lasts over several months.
  • Diverse color options-Another prime option to buy Cymbidium orchids online is that it is available in several colors from pure whites and soft pastels to vibrant reds, oranges, and deep purples.

The seasonal splendor of Cymbidium Orchids is a testament to the beauty and resilience offered by nature. If you are looking to buy Cymbidium orchids, Orchid Tree is your best choice for enjoying a full-fledged experience in an enhanced and enjoyable colorful palette at its best.

Embrace the magic of winter blooms of Cymbidium orchids. Buy them from our catalog and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Take Care of Cymbidium Orchids

Light and Shade

If you grow Cymbidium outdoors, place the plant in a way such that it receives bright but diffuse light, since direct sunlight may burn its leaves and produce black spotting. It’s better to place them in south or east-facing windows so they receive light in the right amount.


These orchids enjoy moist conditions all the time. A fine spray over the foliage, in addition to pot watering, would be good for the plant, especially during sunny weather. Cymbidium orchids grow actively from spring to early fall. During this time, Cymbidium should be watered regularly. From the time of fall to winter, these orchids don’t show much growth, so watering can be decreased.

Watering in the morning is recommended, as this helps the leaves to dry and avoid bacterial growth overnight. If possible, use rainwater or distilled water

Temperature and Humidity

Though these orchid plants can be cultured indoors quite well, you may grow Cymbidium outdoors between May to early October. In late summer and early fall, night temperatures that fall below -9.5°C (15°F) initiate the development of flower spikes. Keep in mind, these are not frost-tolerant orchid plants, so don’t expose them to temperatures below 35°F (2°C). Place Cymbidium indoors in a bright, cool area of your home, preferably in a south or east-facing window.

Like most orchids, Cymbidium benefits from high humidity. As such, use a humidifier or a humidity tray, but make sure that the plant doesn’t stand in water, else the roots


Cymbidiums thrive in a light, porous medium, capable of holding moisture while draining thoroughly upon watering. These orchids grow best when the root system is left undisturbed, so repot only when the medium has broken down. Repot in the spring season only after the plants finished blooming. Try to remove all dead roots from the plant without causing any damage to the living roots.

Pest Control

Since these plants have long thin leaves, they are prone to tiny, spider mites on the undersides. To get rid of these mites, spray with insecticidal 3 times a week, alternatively along with watering and fine spraying of water.

We, at Orchid-Tree provide you with Cymbidium Orchids for online sale. We ensure that these beautiful plants are nurtured well beforehand and are well-accustomed in our greenhouse before being shipped to you. We check thoroughly and pack each plant with care such that it gets delivered to you safely and quickly in perfect condition.