How to save Cymbidium orchids from fungus?

How to save Cymbidium orchids from fungus?

Cymbidium orchids are prized for their stunning blooms and vibrant colors. They have been one of the hot favorites among the orchid and plant enthusiasts. However, like most other plants, they come with a few diseases.

Ever wondered about how to save Cymbidium orchids from fungus? If you have chosen to buy Cymbidium orchids, make sure to invest in good-quality specimens to avoid the disease.

How to protect Cymbidium orchids from fungus?

You can use both natural and other means to protect your orchids from being affected by fungus. If you have made sure to buy Cymbidium orchid plants from genuine sources that care for quality, you can be assured of a pest-free orchid.

However, if you wish to take care against the fungus, you can follow a few preventive measures.

 Use Fungicide –

Regular use of fungicides can be one of the best options to help you take care of the Cymbidium orchid plants. Cinnamon can be one of the best choices in this context.

 Use Isopropyl alcohol – 

Another excellent fungicidal solution that can help you take care of fungus would include isopropyl alcohol. It can prevent the infestation by Mealybugs. It can also treat the fungal issues affecting your plant.

 Antiseptic mouthwash – 

Experts also suggest using antiseptic mouthwash to prevent the attack from fungus. Using the mouthwash once a week can keep the fungus away. Avoid flavored mouthwashes as they may have additives. They may damage your orchids.


Well, taking care of the Cymbidium orchid plants should not be a concern if you are careful with the right strategies to implement. The key to ensuring that your orchid is of good quality is to buy Cymbidium online from reliable sources such as Orchid Tree. We ensure that every plant that you buy from us comes with the best quality possible.

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