Cattleya Orchid Guide: A Plant for Every Garden

Cattleya Orchid Guide: A Plant for Every Garden

The indigenous plants of Brazil, Cattleya Orchids are your best choice for including an exotic plant in your house garden. The unique needle-like appearance and slim petals will make your garden look sublime. You can buy cattleya from authentic online horticulture stores like Orchid Tree. The process of purchase is hassle-free, and your plant will arrive on time.

How to make your Cattleya bloom?

If you are considering purchasing cattleya online then you should know how to make your sapling bloom beforehand. These exotic plants require attention and a specific amount of water and light. Hence, knowing how to make it bloom will positively impact the growth of Cattleya.

The right amount of light plays a great role in making your plant grow. Cattleya is a tropical flower and requires an adequate amount of sun exposure. Further, such flowers thrive in humid weather. Therefore, you need to place your plant in a position where it will get enough sunlight and air circulation.

Before you buy cattleya onlineyou should know that constant and direct sun exposure is equally harmful to this plant. Therefore, it is best to keep your plant in a slightly shaded area. It will provide enough sunlight throughout the day. 

How to take care of the plant after you buy a cattleya orchid?  

This unique species of the orchid family is well known for its appearance. To take off this exotic plant, you need to follow a few steps. You can go through the following section to learn how to take care of Cattleya plants -

  1. Soil -

A Cattleya plant requires a unique mixture of soil, which is available in online florist stores like Orchid Tree. This unique soil mixture contains properties such as horticultural charcoal, coconut husk chips, tree fern fiber, clay pellets, gravel, sequoia bark, etc.

  1. Fertilizer -

You need to use specific fertilizers for your Cattleya plants. You can seamlessly purchase such products from Orchid Tree at an economical rate.

  1. Water -

Before you purchase a cattleya orchid plant you should know that this sapling requires a moderate amount of water. You should not drown the plant. Similarly, one should not forget to water once or twice a week. 


If you wish to include an exotic sapling in your home garden, you can buy cattleya plants for saleOnline florists like Orchid Tree offer unique plants of the best quality. 

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