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Cattleya Rlc Hsingying Sunbeam 'Juliets' - BS Without flowers

Cattleya Rlc Hsingying Sunbeam 'Juliets' - BS

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Type: Hybrid

Fragrance: Yes

Flower Colour: Bright Yellow / Red

Flower Size: 4-6 cm

Conditions: Intermediate to warm

Plant Size: Matured | Please refer to plant picture for size reference.

Pot Size: 7 cm

Potting Media: Sphagnum Moss

Cattleya Care Guide

Cattleya orchids are very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse from those who tend to forget to water. They are also tolerant of several temperature ranges.


This plant prefers bright indirect light, but can tolerate medium indirect light. Plants grown under ideal light will have apple green leaves and plants which are not getting enough light will have dark green leaves. Learn more about light here 


In Coconut Husk medium water retention is more compared to Pine Bark, so plants in Coconut Husk may require once in 2-3 days watering compared to 1-2 days watering in Pine Bark.  Medium may dry faster or slower depending on the weather conditions. So always touch and feel the medium, only when partially dry water the plant.  Learn more about watering here


 Fertilizing your orchid regularly provides it with the nutrients it needs for optimal health, immunity and vigorous blooming. Weekly once with Bio-20 or Basfoliar 19:19:19 for growth and rooting. Once a month with Basfoliar 13-40-13. Learn more about fertilizing here



    Cattleya Rlc Hsingying Sunbeam 'Juliets' is a hybrid cattleya orchid. The parents C Tokyo Magic with Rlc Kat E-Sun have genes from C briegeri and C Beaufort which are small flowers. Bright yellow flowers with a red-tipped lip with 2 to 3 flowers on the inflorescence. These plants are potted in sphagnum moss, so please be careful with the watering. Make sure you do not overwater them. (Cat. Tokyo Magic x Rlc. Kat E-Sun)


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    • Disclaimer

      1. Colors, patterns & size of the flowers can vary due to the variations produced by hybrids or species.

      2. There are chances that the buds/flowers could dry up in transit during Shipping after packing.

      3. The local climatic conditions, season and the nutrition given can affect the brightness & colour intensity of flowers.

      4. While we make every effort to match the actual colours of the flowers, the photographs may not be the exact representation, due to different monitor settings.

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