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Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP 100g | Grow Fertilizer

Basfoliar 19-19-19 SP 100g | Grow Fertilizer

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  • Basfoliar 19:19:19 SP is a water-soluble fertilizer (foliar cum potting medium) that contains all necessary plant nutrients for complete fertilization of garden, vegetable, flower and tree crops. It has excellent solubility. It can be used both as a foliar spray or soil drench.
  • Basfoliar is a soluble powder fertilizer that has NPK 19:19:19 plus Boron, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Mo and Mn. It helps to nourish the plant and promotes plant growth, vigour, flowering and fruiting.
  • Basfoliar has excellent solubility and prevents clogging of drip emitters and sprayer nozzles.
  • DOSAGE AND METHOD OF USE: Dissolve 3 grams of Basfoliar in one litre of water.  Pour the solution directly into soil OR Spray the solution on the leaves of the plant. The foliar spray gives quicker results.
  • Basfoliar helps in the instant uptake of nutrients by the plants resulting in a significant and quick improvement in the plants. Nutrient uptake efficiency is enhanced as losses due to leaching and volatilization are minimal.
  • Storage: Basfoliar can be stored in the unopened original container for several years. Opened containers should be used up or be resealed immediately as Basfoliar is hygroscopic. Any hardening of the product that may occur during prolonged storage does not influence the chemical quality and solubility of the product.
Contents: 100g Pack
Dosage: 2g / litre of water
Frequency: Atleast once a week
  • 19%  (N) Total Nitrogen
    • 5 % Nitrate Nitrogen
    • 3.8 % Ammonium Nitrogen
    • 10.2 % Urea Nitrogen
  • 19 % (P2O5 ) Neutral Ammon Citrate and Phosphate
  • 19 % (K2O) Potassium Oxide
  • 0.5 % (MgO) Magnesium Oxide
  • 0.01 % (B) Boron
  • 0.04 % (Cu) Copper
  • 0.1 % (Fe) Iron
  • 0.1 % (Mn) Manganese
  • 0.003 % (Mo) Molybdenum
  • 0.04 % (Zn) Zinc
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