How to repot or mount an orchid?

Let the potting medium soak in water overnight before re-potting. Soaking with Kelp (Seaweed Extract) and little of HighBloom has given us good results. Use Styrofoam or charcoal at the bottom of the pots for good drainage. When re-potting, avoid planting the growths too deep in the mix since the “eyes,” from which new growths emerge, will rot easily if covered with mix.

Cut off the old dried roots with a sterilized cutting tool. This will help instigate the new root growth.  Keep the repotted plants in slightly shadier and humid place and slowly move to more light as and when they produce new roots.

 The repotted plants should be fertilized once signs of new root growth are visible. HighBloom (High Phosphorus) and Revive application help the plants to produce new roots. Once the roots are starts appearing change the fertilizer formula to Bio 20 for new growths.

Mounting Orchids

You can mount any epiphytic orchid on a wood piece or tree. Use sphagnum moss at the roots for retaining moisture. Since mounted orchids dry up quickly, frequent watering is required for mounted orchids.

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