How to choose the right pot size and pot type for my orchids?

When re-potting, use one size larger pot, using a very large pot will slow down the growth and reduce flowering significantly. Repot every two to three years. Orchids like to be a little tight in their pots. Orchids transferred to overly large pots tend to concentrate their energy on root growth and may not show new growth/foliage or flowering for several months.  Also, Media in the center of larger pots may remain wet for long periods and become an unhealthy environment for roots. If possible always use new pots, or if you cannot, wash the old one out very thoroughly and rinse with boiling water to kill any pathogens.

Orchids love to be hung in the greenhouses and windows. Clay pots with slits or extra holes are preferred in humid environments while plastic pots with extra holes are adequate for drier climates.  Plants in clay pots will need more frequent watering as they will dry out a little faster. Some orchids, such as Phalaenopsis, have roots capable of photosynthesis. For these plants, clear pots are preferred as they allow light to get to the roots.

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