Exotic Rare Orchids: A Care Guide

Exotic Rare Orchids: A Care Guide

Exotic Rare Orchids: A Care Guide

Who doesn't love a pretty and colorful orchid peeping from the balcony, or sitting quaintly in a corner of the drawing room? After all, they add a pretty pop of color, a flavor of class, and sometimes, a delightful scent to the interior of your home.

Orchid lovers often find themselves going after rare and exotic orchids to add to their collection or to enhance the appearance of their balcony or drawing room. While these are very fascinating, caring for them might be a little tricky.

Care Tips for Exotic Rare Orchids

If you have never grown orchids before, do not be scared of them. These miniature plants are mostly easy to handle and care for, given you know some basic requirements. Some of these are:

  1. Most orchids should be watered only once a week. Learn the watering requirements of the orchids you plan to buy either from your florist or from a reliable website. Avoid over-watering at all costs as it would invariably cause root rots and kill your plants.
  2. Keep your orchids near a well-lit window so that they can receive adequate sunlight. However, to avoid the scorching rays of the sun, avoid keeping them on balconies or in the open. Learn the light requirements of your rare exotic orchids and position them accordingly. If they need less sunlight, use a thin shade to protect your plants.
  3. Feed your orchids weekly with orchid food with added fertilizer. Make sure to pick out a trusted brand that shows positive results.
  4. Re-pot your orchids in a new orchid mix once they stop blooming. You can separate the newly developed shoots to give them more space and resources. However, some orchids might regrow from the same stem. In such cases, do your research before repotting them.


To find some rare exotic orchids for sale, visit the Orchid Tree website and check out breathtaking miniature plants to add a pop of color to your interior decor. Follow these instructions to grow a collection of beautiful orchids that would give your home a tranquil and tasteful upgrade.

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