Dendrobium Orchids: Varities, Care Tips, and Décor Ideas

Dendrobium Orchids: Varities, Care Tips, and Décor Ideas

There are many varieties of orchids. Each is beautiful in its way and Orchid-Tree provides you with that beauty in a form of plants. In the family of Orchidaceae, Dendrobium is a genus of mostly epiphytic and lithophytic orchids. Dendrobium orchids contain over 1,800 species that bloom in the world.

Varieties of  Dendrobium Orchids That You Can Buy

As dendrobium orchids have a large genus, you can find a lot of them such as:

  • Dendrobium pierardii sp
  • Dendrobium lipstick
  • Dendrobium panama red
  • Dendrobium Mickey Mouse
  • Dendrobium laddawan red
  • Dendrobium visa peach

At Orchid Tree, you will get 300 more varieties of top-quality dendrobium orchids delivered hassle-free to your address.

How to Keep Dendrobium Orchids Lively?

If you are planning to buy some plants, you should know how to care for them. And don’t worry we are not only here to sell the plants but also here to guide you in taking care of them. Basic care tips you should know:

Proper Lighting

Dendrobium orchids can grow in bright indirect sunlight but can also tolerate medium light. Plants that grow in bright indirect sunlight have apple-green leaves. And which grow in medium sunlight have dark green leaves.

Adequate Watering

The watering of these plants depends on the weather. In some places, they need watering once in 2-3 days. And in another place, they may need watering once in 1-2 days. It depends on their dryness. If you’re seeing that are dry, give some water to them.

Proper Fertilizing

Fertilize them once weekly with Bio-20 or Basfoliar 19:19:19  and once a month with Basfoliar 13-40-13.

Dendrobium Orchids Room Décor Tips

Here are some room decoration tips that you can follow:

  • Keep the dendrobium orchids in small or mid-sized cache pots and try to be symmetrical with colour
  • You can use clamshell to keep these orchids
  • A painted antique bowl placed just beside your dressing table can also be a great holder for orchids


Thus, hope you have got a clear idea about dendrobium orchids. Hence, if you want to get the best dendrobium orchids from Orchid-Tree today and give pure bliss to your eyes by seeing they are blooming.

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