Dancing Lady Orchids: Care Tips and Everything You Must Know

Dancing Lady Orchids: Care Tips and Everything You Must Know

Dancing Lady Orchids: Care Tips and Everything You Must Know

Among orchid lovers, only a few other orchids are as popular as the dancing lady orchid plant. Particularly loved for their vibrant colors and splendid sprays with dozens of blooms on multiple stems, these flowers are sure to captivate the eyes and hearts of all your visitors.

The oncidium family consists of many species of flowers, the most popular of which are:

  • Yellow dancing lady orchid flower
  • Pink dancing lady flower orchid

These two varieties are popular because of their bright colors, and both are gorgeous in their unique way.

Care Tips for Dancing lady Orchids

However, before you buy oncidium orchids online, you must know that these tend to be pickier about light, moisture, temperature, and soil conditions than most other orchids you might have grown at home so far. Here are a few tips to nudge you along the right way:

  1. Temperature: The dancing lady orchid prefers warm temperatures paired with average humidity. A minimum daytime temperature of 80°F along with a humidity of 40%. Lower nighttime temperatures can help the plant bloom faster.
  2. Sunlight: The dancing lady flower can tolerate more direct sunlight than most other orchids. They should ideally be placed near windows so they can have their fill. A healthy orchid would have moderate green leaves, and a darker shade would indicate insufficient sunlight.
  3. Water: The frequency of your watering routine for the orchid dancing lady flower would vary greatly depending upon the seasons. These beauties are especially susceptible to root rot. Therefore, do not leave them in sitting water, and ensure that your potting mix is at least halfway dry before watering again.


If you want to get the dancing lady orchid for sale, you can pay a quick visit to the Orchid Tree website to order this and many more rare orchids for your interior decor. The oncidium orchids are generally large plants with abundant stems and leaves. These plants bloom during the late summer and the early spring season, with dozens of colorful flowers appearing on their stem.

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