Care Tips for Best Vanda Orchids

Care Tips for Best Vanda Orchids

The Vanda orchid is so rare and its colour palette belongs to the vanda native to the Philippines. The flower takes many years to bloom but after blooming these two coloured flowers last really long. Orchid-Tree provides customers with a variety of orchid plants and delivered them to their homes freshly and safely. As we provide a variety of orchid plants, the Vanda orchid is one of them you would love to buy. You can get the best vanda orchids from us however you need to take care of them properly. Keep scrolling to know more.

Care tips for best Vanda Orchids

Here are some major care tips you should maintain after buying the best vanda orchids for sale.

  • Light

Vanda doesn’t like direct sunlight. They would love to bloom in indirect sunlight.

  • Watering

You have to give them water daily. In summer they need watering twice a day. You have to give the water to the grey root until they turn green. Also, you can soak the water of the root with fertilizer water once a week.

  • Fertilizing

With Bio-20 or Basfoliar 19:19:19, you have to fertilize it once a week. And with Basfoliar 13-40-13 you should do it once a month for healthy growing and rooting.

  • Knowing Details of Vanda Orchids from Orchid-Tree

You should know the full description of the plant before buying them. Here we are giving you the proper details:

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Fragrance: Yes
  • Flower Size: 10-12 cm
  • Conditions: Intermediate to warm
  • Plant Size: Matured |  Please refer to the plant picture for size reference.
  • Pot Size: 10 cm
  • Potting Media: None

So, these are some basic facts about the beautiful flower Vanda orchid. You can easily buy them online from our store. Get the best vanda orchids from Orchid-Tree and enjoy their beauty of them in spring or fall.

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