What to Look for When Buying Phalaenopsis Orchids

What to Look for When Buying Phalaenopsis Orchids

The moth orchids or Phalaenopsis orchids are mostly available in warmer regions, such as India, South Asia, China, Taiwan, Australia, etc. The lush leaves and beautiful petals of this sapling make it a great addition to anyone's house garden. If you are planning to include this beauty in your garden then you should buy Phalaenopsis online.

Phalaenopsis orchids are exotic plants. Hence, it is best to buy Phalaenopsis orchids from authentic providers like Orchid Tree. Not only will you be provided with the sapling, but you can also avail necessary items to properly take care of this delightful species of orchid. 

Know about the different varieties of Phalaenopsis orchids -

Before you decide to buy Phalaenopsis orchids online you should know about its different variations. There are approximately 300 varieties of Phalaenopsis orchids. However, the following saplings are most commonly picked for house gardens -

Top 4 actors to consider before you Phalaenopsis buy - 

The moth orchids are exotic plants, and tend to have varied requirements than any regular house plants. If you wish to add this plant to enhance your garden, you should consider the following factors -

1.     Soil -

You should apply special potting mixtures from orchid-dedicated florists like Orchid Tree. It will help in the growth of your plant.

2.     Water -

Phalaenopsis orchids do not require regular watering. Although, you should water it once or twice a week.

3.     Temperature -

The best temperature to make your plant thrive is between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4.     Fertilizers -

To properly take care of this exotic plant you need to apply fertilizers once a month. The special fertilizers of Phalaenopsis orchids are easily available on the official website of Orchid Tree.

Why should you choose Orchid Tree to buy Phalaenopsis orchid online?

The moth orchids are exotic plants hence, they are mostly available online. One of the crucial aspects of buying Phalaenopsis online is selecting the best provider. To make your in-house garden beautiful, you should opt for Orchid Tree as your provider. Not only will you receive the sapling, but also the necessary products to help you grow the plant seamlessly.

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