Vanda Orchids: Growing and Care Tips for Beginners

Vanda Orchids: Growing and Care Tips for Beginners

If you are a lover of orchids with rare appearances, chances are that you already have at least a few Vanda orchids in your collection. With their alluring, delightful, and refreshing fragrance and unique colours and appearances, these orchids can make any standard collection stand out and become quite remarkable. 

Know About Vanda Orchids

Vanda orchids are known and loved for being one of the very few orchids that produce blue-coloured flowers. However, they have a variety of colour options including pink, yellow, red, purple, orange, and white. What makes these flat-petalled plants appear more remarkable is the fact that they can grow completely without soil, clinging on to bark and other materials. Are you planning to get your own Vanda orchids? To get the best vanda orchids for your collection today, visit us at Orchid Tree and shop for plants of your choice. 

Vanda Orchid Care Tips

Here we have assorted a few of the most useful care tips that can help you grow and maintain the best Vanda orchids in your collection. 

  1. These plants require high humidity, bright light, high temperatures, and good airflow. It is therefore best to grow them in balconies or terraces where abundant light and airflow are easily available. 
  2. Although Vanda does well in bright light, direct sunlight might wash the plants out. Put up shade cloth to protect the plants from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. 
  3. These plants cannot be grown in an ordinary soil mix. Moreover, their roots tend to be large and hard, making it difficult to contain them in a pot. Instead, opt for a large basket to provide plenty of air circulation for the roots. Also, add soilless mediums like bark and peat to keep the roots in place. 


Thus, the blog has given a brief idea about the vanda orchid. Now if you are looking for vanda orchids for sale, visit us at Orchid Tree today and get your Vanda plants delivered safely and in perfect health to your doorstep.
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