The Bulbophyllum Orchid: A Plant Lover's Guide from Orchid Tree

The Bulbophyllum Orchid: A Plant Lover's Guide from Orchid Tree

The largest orchid family Orchidaceae containing approximately 1800 species is  Bulbophyllum orchid. Further, this species of orchid is also being introduced to the new genus. The uniqueness and exotic attributes of this sapling make it one of the most desired house plants around the globe.

Bulbophyllum is an exotic plant and is not easily available everywhere. If you wish to incorporate this beauty in your house garden, you should purchase it from online florist shops. You can buy Bulbophyllum orchid online from authentic agencies like Orchid Tree. Opting for orchid-dedicated online florists will ensure the quality of the Bulbophyllum sapling. 

Top 4 aspects to know about growing Bulbophyllum

If you are a horticulture enthusiast who wishes to build a unique house garden opting for Bulbophyllum is a great choice. By knowing how to properly grow this exotic plant, you can alleviate the beauty of your garden. The following are the 4 aspects that you need to keep in mind about growing Bulbophyllum -

  1. Water -

Bulbophyllum is a tropical plant that thrives in humid weather. Unlike most orchids, watering this species can be a bit tricky. Depending on the pot, and soil condition you need to water it. Although it is recommended to keep humidity around 60% for this plant.

  1. Light -

2000 to 3500-foot candles should be appropriate lighting for Bulbophyllum orchids to thrive.

  1. Temperature -

As mentioned earlier this tropical sapling grows well in humid climates. Hence, the overall temperature of this plant should be around 65 degrees. At night the temperature can be decreased to 5 degrees.

  1. Soil and Fertilizer -

Bulbophyllum orchids require a unique mixture of soil that is available in authentic florist stores like Orchid Tree. Any regular soil should not be used for exotic plants. Furthermore, special fertilizers should be used every once a week during summer. During the winter you can decrease the usage of fertilizer. 


Bulbophyllum orchids are known for their unique attributes and exotic features. Hence, it is safe to say that this plant is not easily available everywhere. To avail the best quality of this species, you should purchase bulbophyllum orchids for sale from authentic florist shops like Orchid Tree.

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