Some Care tips for Ground Orchids

Some Care tips for Ground Orchids

Ground orchid in the genus Spathoglottis is evergreen, and known for their stunning nature of doing well in the ground. This is a species which makes up a total of 40 orchids. And each has wide natural distribution. Ground orchids can be of so many shades such as pink, yellow, purple, orange and more. If you live in an area with a warm climate then choosing a ground orchid for gardening can be a fun choice for you.

Care tips for ground orchids

To provide your home with a beautiful ambience with ground orchids you must know how to take care of them. Here are some tips:

  1. Soil

Ground orchid needs well-draining soil for growing as their roots are shallow, wide and long. So they need depth and space for spreading their roots. If you live in a cold environment then using a pot with enough drainage holes can be best for you.

  1. Light

Ground orchids can grow up in full sunlight to light heat. But bright sunlight is always the best option for them. Select a location, where they can get enough sunlight for a few hours each day. It will allow your plants to bloom beautifully.

  1. Water

They need well-draining soil to allow excess water to run freely. There is a golden rule for watering the ground orchid. Water them when you notice that the top layer of soil is dry.

  1. Fertilization

Fertilization is the key process to producing great ground orchids. Feed your plants only if the ground nutrition is poor. At the beginning stage of growth, you can add some compost to the garden. Add some liquid nitrogen or a slow-release fertilizer for indoor plants.


Hope these tips will help you to take care of ground orchids. Buy some beautiful ground orchids online from Orchid Tree and uplift the atmosphere of your home. You can also find suitable accessories from Orchid Tree so that you can take care of ground orchids properly.

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