Kokedamas: Basic Care Guide

Ever heard of Kokedamas? It is an ancient Japanese art of growing plants in moss wrapped soil balls. This ancient art is now making a come back and getting very popular because of its interesting appearance, easiness to grow and care.


  • By immersing the moss ball in water till it bubbles and absorbs water
  • By stream-spraying the medium and Moss Ball.

Water the Kokedama only when the moss ball (outer covering) feels dry, and moss ball feels light. When you touch and feel the moss ball, if it is moist, it does not require watering.

  • Do not keep the Kokedama always wet/moist on the outer layer.
  • Do not let the Kokedama sit in a puddle of water for a long time.
  • Drain excess water before placing it back.

Note: Succulent Kokedama requires less water than other Kokedama plants.


The Kokedama has enough medium and nutrition from soil inside it to sustain for years. You can use mild amounts of liquid fertilizers like Mangala Bio 20 to keep your plant healthy.


Kokedama can be kept outdoors or indoors based on the variety. A well-lit place and good air circulation are essential. The sunlight inside your home is a bonus.


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