How To Provide the Best Care for Dendrobium Orchids: A Beginner's Guide

How To Provide the Best Care for Dendrobium Orchids: A Beginner's Guide

The dendrobium orchids represent one of the largest and most diverse genera in the business of horticulture. Native to the southeast regions of Asia, these plants are available in around 2000 species. These are epiphytic plants. That means these plants grow on the barks and vegetal matters of other plants, without extracting nourishment from them. 

The dendrobium orchids vary greatly in their appearance and requirements. The one common aspect, however, is that they produce profuse blooms in a variety of pastel colours. The great variety inherent to this genus makes it difficult to spell out a care guide for these plants. While there are some general guidelines to follow, you must first learn about the kind of dendrobium you're bringing home before formulating a care routine. 

Caring For Dendrobium Orchids: Tips and Tricks

Are you wondering how to provide the best care to your dendrobium plants? Well, we have the solution ready for you. Here are a few tips that can come in handy. 

  1. Dendrobiums, like most epiphytic plants, do not require much light. They do best in partial shade. However, if you're growing them indoors, place them next to your brightest window for best growth. 
  2. Do not use conventional potting soil. Make your own potting mix with peat, moss, and bark. Make sure your medium is well aerated so the roots are not left in too much moisture. 
  3. To know when to water, stick your finger in the potting medium. Water the plants only when the mix is dry to the touch. Do not overwater. 
  4. During the growing season feed the plants regularly with a good quality fertilizer. Reduce fertilization to about half after the growing season is over. 


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