Exploring the diverse varieties of Oncidium orchids

Exploring the diverse varieties of Oncidium orchids

If you are an Orchid fan, you must be aware that there are only a few options available that offer a wide range of diverse varieties. The Oncidium orchids are one of the most common among them and are known to provide intricate blooms, vibrant colors, and varied growth habits. If you are looking to buy Oncidium orchids online, make sure to learn in detail about the multiple varieties that you can check out.

Popular varieties of Oncidium orchids

Some notable varieties of  Oncidium orchids online or offline that you can check out include

  • Oncidium Twinkle – The blooms on this orchid look like twinkling stars. You can buy Oncidium Orchid in this variety if you are looking for the best hybrid miniature look.
  • Oncidium Sherry Baby – These can be an excellent indoor variety of Oncidium orchid. It is created through a cross between Oncidium Jamie Sutton and Oncidium Honolulu.
  • Oncidium Gower – It is one of the most prolific bloomers. This is a hybrid orchid produced by the cross between Oncidium Goldiana and Guinea.

Types of Oncidium Orchids Available at Orchid Tree

These are as follows:

  • Oncidium Royal Robe Orchid Plant
  • Oncidium Sweet Sugar Orchid Plant
  • Oncidium Shelob Tolkein
  • Oncidium Aloha Iwanaga
  • Oncidium Twinkle White Orchid Plant
  • Oncidium Jairak Fragrance, etc.

How to cultivate Oncidium orchids?

These orchids are adaptable and easy to grow. However, you may need to follow a few cultivation tips. If you buy Oncidium online through reliable sources, you will get clear instructions on how to care for your Orchids.

  • Provide bright and indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Maintain the temperature between 15 to 27 degrees C.
  • Watering should be done once every 7 to 10 days. Frequent watering can cause root rot.
  • Ensure that there is a moderate humidity level. You can use a humidity tray if needed.


Ensure that you buy Oncidium orchids online from reliable sources. This will ensure that you can be assured of a good quality of products. Orchid Tree, for example, should be your trusted partner for availing the high-quality Oncidium orchids online. Trust us for the best affordable options that would make your Orchid garden stay fresh.

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