Different Types of Exotic Rare Orchids to Keep or Grow at Home

Different Types of Exotic Rare Orchids to Keep or Grow at Home

Orchids are a diverse family of blooming plants known for their amazing beauty and unique types. Exotic rare orchids come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes, with over 25,000 species. Some orchids, such as epidendrum orchids, grow in the garden, while others, such as paphiopedilum orchids, make excellent houseplants. Orchids have the reputation of being difficult to care for, yet many kinds, such as phalaenopsis orchids, are among the easiest flowers to grow.

Different Types of Rare Exotic Orchids to Keep at Home

Here are a variety of exotic rare orchids to keep at home

  1. Phalaenopsis

These orchids, also known as moth orchids, are among the easiest orchids to grow and care for. They are available in several kinds of colours and have long-lasting blooms. They are quite easy to grow at home and bloom for most of the year.

  1. Oncidium

Due to the frilly lip on their petals, these orchids are also known as “dancing lady” orchids. This is one of the most famous among rare exotic orchids andis also simple to care for. Youshould not overwater an oncidium pot, and they prefer any mix of moss and orchid bark.

  1. Dendrobium

These rare and exotic orchids come in a variety of colours and are valued for their beautiful flower sprays. They like well-draining potting soil and bright, indirect light. However, without water and fertilizer, these flowers fade quickly.

  1. Cattleya

These orchids are highly valued for their expensive, stunning blossoms and excellent smells. They need more attention than some other orchid varieties, such as strong light and high humidity.

  1. Cymbidium

Cymbidiums are cool-growing, mainly terrestrial orchids, that are well known as “boat orchids” because of their unique, cup-shaped flowers. Depending on the temperature, cymbidium orchids can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors.


Overall, whether you are an expert gardener or are just starting, growing orchids is an enjoyable and fulfilling activity. They are certain to stand out as a popular addition to any indoor garden or flower display with their unique shapes and stunning colours. However, if you want to get some beautiful rare exotic orchids for sale you can visit the Orchid Tree online store and explore the collection.

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