My orchid is done blooming. Should I remove the spent spike or not?

Posted by Rejin M Jayarajan on

Phalaenopsis are known to bloom off old spikes and so are Equitant Oncidiums. For all other orchid genera, the spike can be removed once blooming is done with. However, if you are worried about transmitting the virus through cutting a flower stalk, then you may allow the flower stalk to dry up before you make a cut.

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I've been growing this orchid for several years now and it hasn't bloomed for me. Am I doing something wrong?

Posted by Team Orchid-Tree on

There are several factors that might be preventing your orchid from blooming. The foremost reason is light. Most orchid generally needs about 5-6 hours of light at the least to bloom. Moving your plants to a brighter spot can solve the problem. Another issue is temperature as some orchids require temperatures to drop considerably for them to bloom while some others require a day-night differential of about 5-10 degrees Celsius to bloom. High Nitrogen fertilizer will also prevent your plant from blooming and this is proven by lush growth and healthy-looking plants that fail to bloom. This can be set...

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