Kokedama Succulent Hens & Chicks | Kalinda - Orchid-Tree

Kokedama Succulent Hens & Chicks | Kalinda- Without Flowers | BS

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  • Type: Succulent
  • Conditions: Indoor, Outdoor, Intermediate to Warm
  • Plant Size: Matured
  • Potting Media: Soil + Compost + Moss
  • Watering:
 By immersing the moss ball in water till it bubbles and absorbs water.
  • Growing Tips: Basic Kokedama Care

Short Description: Sempervivum Kalinda is a succulent, commonly called as the Hens & Chicks. This forms perennial evergreen rosettes of fleshy apple green leaves. The colour varies with temperature & season. This Kokedama is a handcrafted garden embellishment made using naturally bio-degradable materials and organic medium. Kokedama grows in the same moss ball for many years if nurtured with care. Succulent Kokedama requires less water than other Kokedama plants. 

Please refer plant pictures for size reference.

Note:  Live plants require time to establish and thrive in new place. Every plant variety will vary in shape and size, and may not match the picture representation. Live plants suffer shock and some displacement during transport, negligible distortion are not considered damage.

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