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Catasetum (FDK.) After Dark Bakers Cheetah - BS Without flowers

Catasetum (FDK.) After Dark Bakers Cheetah - BS

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Type: Hybrid

Fragrance: No

Flower Colour: Green/ Brown

Flower Size: 4-6cm

Conditions: Intermediate

Plant Size: Matured | Please refer to plant picture for size reference.

Pot Size: 10cm

Potting Media: Coconut Husk

Catasteum Orchid Care Guide

Catasetums require plenty of water during their growth phase and need complete winter rest. During winter dormancy, keep them dry and start watering when a new growth comes up.


Catasetums Orchids thrives in bright indirect light. Learn more about light here 


Catasetums require plenty of water during their growth phase.  This starts in spring when new growths appear with the onset of the pre-monsoon showers.  Watering should be gradually increased and they should be mature by the end of the monsoon.  Once the pseudobulbs are mature, watering should be reduced in autumn and tapered down until they start dropping their leaves which is an indication that water should be withheld completely except occasionally to prevent shrinking of their pseudobulbs.  It is at this time that they will come into bloom. Learn more about watering here


Weekly once with Bio-20 or Basfoliar 19:19:19 for growth and rooting. Once a month with Basfoliar 13-40-13. Learn more about fertilizing here



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Plants are shipped within 1-2 business days. It takes 1-3 days to deliver, depending on the location. Learn more

Catasetum (FDK.) After Dark Bakers Cheetah is a hybrid of the three - Catasetum, Clowesia, and Mormodes. Another one of the gorgeous hybrids from the master himself - Fred Clarke. These hybrids produce multiple flowers, vigorous growing plants and the possibility of flowering three to four times a year. The flower life is longer than that of pure Catasetums, up to 6 weeks.

Fredclarkeara Catasetums are heavy feeders during their growing period, with plenty of light, heat, water, and fertilizer during the spring and summer months. After or during the flowering season it is common for these plants to drop all of their leaves. Reduce or stop watering and fertilizer once the flowers have finished, then resume a normal watering schedule when new growth emerges. 

The leaves can turn yellow and drop in transit as this is the season when the plants shed their leaves & prepare to go into dormancy, it is normal for Catasetum orchids.

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    1. Colors, patterns & size of the flowers can vary due to the variations produced by hybrids or species.

    2. There are chances that the buds/flowers could dry up in transit during Shipping after packing.

    3. The local climatic conditions, season and the nutrition given can affect the brightness & colour intensity of flowers.

    4. While we make every effort to match the actual colours of the flowers, the photographs may not be the exact representation, due to different monitor settings.

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