Orchid Bark 3 Litres- New Zealand Pine Bark

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Orchiata Power + Pine bark is imported from New Zealand and is a premium orchid potting medium made from granulated radiata pinus bark.

Orchiata, naturally aged bark provides orchid growers with signifcant growing benefits:

  • Temperatures exceed 150F durig the aging process which removes growth suppressive compounds.
  • Pathogens cannot grow and any present are killed during the process.Natural colonies of benefcial micro-organisms flourish.
  • Pencillium sp. and Trichoderma sp. are just two of the many beneficial microbes that flourish during the aging process, that prevent pathogen growth. Orchiata creates helathier enviornment for plants
  • Aging removes waxes from surface of the bark chip, allowing orchiata to hold water and nutrients on outer surface. Aged surface provides instant and consistent wetting.Excellent delivery of water and nutrients from day one.
  • Orchiata'spH 5.5 -6.5 is ideal for most orchid varieties.Ideal pH and low EC reduces the need for additives or flushing.

Frequently asked questions about Orchiata is answered here.

Bark ChipSize: 12 to 18 mm

Pack: 3 Litres


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