Orchid Kiwi Bark- Premium New Zealand Pine Bark | 42 Litres Bag |

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Orchid Bark is imported from New Zealand and is a premium orchid potting medium made from granulated Radiata pinus bark. 

Orchid Bark is a hard, clean, uniformly graded and is suitable for growing orchids and other epiphytic type plants.

it is considered by many top orchid growers as a premium product for growing orchids.

Pre-soak in water for an hour before potting is recommended.

The bark should last 3 to 5 years which is a great bonus for orchid growers as the orchid roots will fully develop within the bark substrate.

The main reason for repotting is because the orchid has outgrown its pot and needs to be repotted into a bigger pot and not because the orchid media has broken down.

Bark ChipSize: 8mm to 20mm

Pack: 42 Litres (42 litres when measured even though it says 50 litres on the bag) 

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