Exotic Rare Orchids: Step-by-step Buying Guide

Exotic Rare Orchids: Step-by-step Buying Guide

It is no news that orchid lovers are perpetually on the lookout for rare and exotic orchids to adorn their collections with. But caring for uncommon orchids is in no way an easy task. Orchids of different groups and species have different requirements in terms of their environment and nourishment.

Buyers are often swayed by the mesmerizing beauty of orchids on display and later find themselves bringing home unhealthy plants with meager chances of survival. We have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you avoid this unfortunate and heartbreaking situation. Read on to find out.

Guide For Buying Healthy Orchids

It is essential to buy only healthy orchids that would acclimate to your environment. That is because however beautiful your plant looks in bloom if it is unhealthy, it would die out very quickly. Especially when buying rare exotic orchids that are often very expensive, you must make sure that they are healthy so that they can adorn your house for a long span. Here is what you can do:

  • Do your research well before choosing to buy an orchid for your home. If you already have a particular plant in mind, be sure to learn everything there is to know about its requirements.
  • Do not buy an orchid in bloom. That is because blooming causes massive drainage of energy, rendering the plant unable to adapt efficiently to its new surroundings. This way it will bloom for a few seasons and then fade away.
  • Check for healthy roots. That is because weak roots would cause your plant to remain weak and wither away.
  • Check for healthy-looking leaves. They should be light green and hard to touch, without any external signs of damage or rot.
  • Report immediately when you have the chance.
  • Do not overwater.
  • Do not expose your new orchids to direct sunlight immediately after bringing them home.


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