The Myths, Truths of Growing Orchids.

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth and growing them is an amazing experience. However, there are a lot of myths associated with this wonderful flora, and this can prevent you from experiencing the romance of Orchids. As true Orchid lovers, we are happy to put forth the facts and clear the air about Orchid growing.

Myth # 1: Orchids are difficult to grow.

No way. Orchids grow like any other houseplants. They just need the basics - water, light, air and fertilizer, in right proportions. Once you understand what Orchids need, you will realise how easy it is to grow them.

Myth # 2: You need a green house to grow Orchids.

Like any other plants, Orchids have only a few simple needs. You don’t need a green house to grow them. They can grow in your living room or the balcony or any place where they get adequate light and are not hit by direct and harsh sunlight.

Myth # 3: All Orchids are tropical.

Orchids grow all over the world. And every place has its own native Orchids. In fact, even Alaska and regions near the Arctic Circle are home to some exclusive species.

Myth # 4: Orchids are parasitic.

Absolutely not! Of the 20,000 species of orchids that grow around the world, not one is parasitic. Many orchids cling to trees and bushes as a growth habit; but they take nothing from the host plant and do not injure it in any way. Orchids that grow on trees are called epiphytes or, more commonly, air plants.

Myth # 5: Orchids need to be watered every day.

The frequency of watering depends on the potting media used. As general thumb rule, Orchids should be watered on alternate days or twice a week depending on the weather conditions.

Myth # 6: Orchids are expensive.

This is the biggest myth. Orchids look exotic but are highly affordable. In fact, Orchid Tree offers Orchid plants starting Rs. 250 which makes them even less expensive than a decent bouquet.

Myth # 7: You need to put Orchids in a dark place to bloom.

Wrong. Orchids grow in bright airy places and need bright light to grow. Any dark place may slow growth and delay bloom.

Myth # 8: Orchids are carnivorous.

No they are not carnivorous. Insects are lured to Orchids like any other flower, and in the process they merely transport pollen to another flower. Orchids do not eat or kill the insects.

Myth # 9: Fertilizing sick Orchids will perk them up.

Fertilizing will not work. You need to discover the cause of the plants sickness. Call Orchid Tree. Our Chief Orchidist will advise you on how to heal the plant.

Myth # 10: Orchids are dead when they stop flowering.

No. Like all plants even Orchids go through cycles of flowering, growth, and rest. So when blossoms drop, it doesn’t mean the plant is dead. In fact, healthy plants live to bloom again.

Myth # 11: Orchids need to be re-potted to a larger pot.

Re-potting is suggested only if roots are cramped or overcrowded. You need to use a small pot as it will contain the roots. There shouldn’t be excess medium for the amount of roots, because then the medium will stay wet for a longer time and may rot the roots.

Myth # 12: Orchids need to be re-potted often.

Re-potting is suggested only if roots are cramped or overcrowded. Re-potting to bigger pot may delay bloom as the plant would spend more time growing happily.

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